Generation Curse?

Generation Curse?
Generation Curse?
by Colleen Smith-Dennis
USD 12.99
  • Published 2015
  • Dimension 5.50 X 8.50
  • Pages 204
  • Format Paper back
  • ISBN 978-976-8245-40-3


As the saying goes, ‘truth is sometimes  stranger than fiction’, but for the stoic matriarch, Mrs. Harmond, and her family, the events which characterize their lives do not come from a horror movie, but are a part of their daily reality.  In the community they are seen as pariahs, as Mrs. Harmond’s father had been accused of committing sacrilege by stealing the parson’s bull and burning the manse. Everybody said they were cursed, from the grandparents to the youngest in the last generation, as the strange disappearances, uncontrollable juvenile behaviour and horrifying deaths rock the family like an earthquake of great magnitude and leave them cowering beneath a rubble of pain, disbelief and near hopelessness.

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