Inner City Girl School Edition

Inner City Girl School Edition
Inner City Girl School Edition
by Colleen Smith-Dennis
USD 13.95
  • Published 2016
  • Dimension 5.50 X 8.50
  • Pages 324
  • Format Paper back
  • ISBN 978-976-8245-33-5


Martina does the unthinkable: a poor girl from the inner city gains entry into one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. Milverton High, situated on a hill with its picturesque surroundings, students from the upper echelons of society and teachers who do not necessarily understand, contrasts with the poverty, hunger and family problems which Martina encounters. 

But Martina is not about to succumb to ridicule, rejection and poverty. Milverton High!  Here she comes – defying all the odds! This, the school edition, contains notes and activities for each chapter, complemented by essay-style questions, and aids both student and teacher in gaining a comprehensive understanding of this remarkable, moving, thoughtful coming-of-age story.

Some key features:• Setting, conflict and plot are explored• Insightful and fun questions and activities for each chapter• Writing techniques and literacy devices are explored

Inner City Girl won a Burt award for Caribbean Literature in 2014

About the Author

Colleen Smith-Dennis was born in the parish of St. Elizabeth. As the first of six children she learnt to be responsible at an early age, especially in helping to mentor her three brothers and two sisters. 

Growing up in a large family had its share of challenges but the love for God and a caring, sharing spirit were established in this very closely-knitted family and so the seemingly insurmountable problems of illness and economics were dealt with.  

At an early age, reading became a passion for the author. Her mother (a past basic school teacher) had quite a number of study and reading texts around the house and the author would spend time reading the ones she could. She joined the school and public libraries and spent much time reading late into the night. Her other areas of interest were drama and netball.

After attending secondary school, she completed a year of Youth Service at the primary school in her community and then went on to the Bethlehem Teachers College in the parish. At college, she specialized in the teaching of English at the secondary level. Following the three years of teacher’s college, she taught English Language at Maggotty High, her alma mater. 

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