Discovering Mathematics for the Caribbean Book 5

Discovering Mathematics for the Caribbean Book 5
Discovering Mathematics for the Caribbean Book 5
by a panel of experienced mathematics teachers
USD 12.95
  • Published
  • Dimension 7.50 X 10.00
  • Pages 160
  • Format Paper back
  • ISBN xxx-xxx-xxx-x


Primary Modern Mathematics for the Caribbean is a series of books based on the primary syllabus for Mathematics.

The method of presentation and material used are in line with the modern trend of teaching mathematics. The subject-matter is factually sound, up-to-date and relevant, while the sequence of topics has been logically developed. The understanding and interests of the pupil have been considered by using illustrations of objects that are familiar to, and popular with, children of particular age groups. These illustrations help to convey the concepts taught.

The language in each book is precise and suitable for the particular level intended. Logical presentation with variety in the treatment of certain topics allows the pupil to think more broadly. Each topic is provided with adequate and varied exercises.

In order to develop the mathematical potential of the pupil to the possible extent, it is hoped that the teacher will supplement each topic with similar mathematical activities. This will help the pupil to develop an awareness of the manifold applications of mathematics in almost every aspect of the modern world, and to gain enjoyment from mathematics.

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