Bahamian Cooking & Menus

Bahamian Cooking & Menus
Bahamian Cooking & Menus
by Mike Henry, Sonny Henry & Dawn Henry
USD 10.95
  • Published 2006
  • Dimension 6.00 X 9.00
  • Pages 96
  • Format Paper back
  • ISBN 976-8202-02-5


The history of the Bahamian people is a potpourri of different cultures which have influenced the cooking of the different islands.

Each taste and bite, the discerning food connoisseur can be excited by the subtle use of Indian curry and marinates the sensitive blends of Chinese cuisine, all imaginatively mixed with the savoir-faire of the European master chefs of  Spain, England, France and  then, the gamut of island foods creatively presented by the kitchens of  the Caribbean. From the English-speaking islands of Trinidad and the Eastern Caribbean, to the Spanish, French and Dutch islands of Puerto Rico, Martinique and Curacao.

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