Confessions of Anansi

Confessions of Anansi
Confessions of Anansi
by David Brailsford
USD 9.95
  • Published 2004
  • Dimension 5.50 X 8.50
  • Pages 144
  • Format Paper back
  • ISBN 976-8184-51-5


The Confessions of Anansi tells stories of the folk hero in an original way. Anansi stories are entwined in the lives of the Ashanti Africans from the slave trade to plantation life in Jamaica. Anansi is seen on the journey from the interior to the coast of Africa with the captured Africans. You experience his horror of the Middle Passage, the auction block, plantation life and its many intrigues.

The author expertly crafts fact with fiction and makes Anansi even more legendary by tracing his origin and migration from Africa to the Caribbean. He becomes more than a mere mischief maker, but one who helps to distract the enslaved Africans from their sorrow and misery by relating his many exploits and imparts some of his cunning to them.  

About the Author

David Brailsford was born in Nottingham,England in 1930.  Qualifying as a Psychiatric Nurse in 1955, he progressed through his profession to become a Senior Nursing Officer. He developed a Staff In-House Training Department and worked with clients as a registered Dramatherapist.  Now retired, he spends most of his time writing tales about Jamaican history folklore and fantasy.


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