Anancy’s African Adventures

Anancy’s African Adventures
Anancy’s African Adventures
by Beulah Richmond
USD 7.95
  • Published 2006
  • Dimension 6.00 X 9.00
  • Pages 48
  • Format Paper back
  • ISBN 976-8202-11-4


Follow Anancy and his friend Chaka in their adventures toAfricaas they see new sites, animals and things they have never seen before. An exciting sequel to “Anancy & Friends”, “Anancy’s African Adventures” features an imaginative story which captures the imagination and reels the child-like mind into a world of folklore and fantasy. The stories creatively adapt traditional Anancy stories and entice the reader with innovative storylines and characters.  

About the Author

Beulah Richmond was born inKingston,Jamaica, and spent her formative years there.  Every Saturday afternoon, young Beulah and her eight siblings would eagerly await the arrival of a gentleman from the neighbourhood.  Though stooped with age, their visitor would regale them with African folktales handed down through the years. On those enraptured afternoons, the idea for this book of stories about Anancy and his troublesome friends was born.  Beulah later married a Guyanese Doctor, Quintin Richmond and left soon after for theBahamasso that he could take up a three-year contract with a hospital there. After another year inEngland, she and her husband returned toBahamasand raised their three daughters, Allyson, Cathy & Carla.  Today, Beulah has a granddaughter, Yasmin, whose birth rekindled the dream of writing down the folk tales remembered so clearly from her youth and which she so often repeated to her own children.


This, her second book, is the fulfillment of that dream

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